Interactive Hemostasis Animations

            Animations by Roshni Kulkarni, MD and Usha Reddy, MD

Note: you can stop the animations in the middle by holding the right mouse button down.  If you release it the animations continue rolling.  Students have used this to predict the next step in the cascade.

The animations are like a book.  The front page is the animation and the second page is a word document on the information.  Click the INDEX button to navigate through the various chapters.

Here are additional websites on which the animations are available for viewing.

     1. The Cell-Based Coagulation Animated Lecture can be found at:



2. Site of Dr. Reddy who developed the animations- additionally, she has animations on diabetes cox-2 inhibitors etc.:

Note: Sometimes you may need to download the free Shockwave player onto your computer (It is like Adobe Acrobat to view pdf files.) Please go to: and follow instructions.  Alternatively you can type "download free shockwave" on any search engine such as Google or Yahoo and it will lead you to the website.  


Roshni Kulkarni, MD

Usha Reddy, MD