Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B are conditions where the body is not able to stop itself from bleeding.  It means that simple bumps and cuts sometimes need special attention.  When caring for a child with this condition, you need to know:  The child can still participate in normal activities. Your staff needs to pay special attention and watch for signs of bleeding. Bleeding can occur on either the outside (a cut) or the inside (a bruise).



Warning signs to look out for:



JOINT AND MUSCLE BLEEDS                                                                                     




            Walking with a limp

            Favoring one leg over the other

            Crying without any reason

            Using a different hand for eating or picking things up

            Using two hands to do things instead of just one hand

            Joint or muscle is warm

            Numbness or tingling



HEAD, SPINAL AND STOMACH BLEEDS:  Needs immediate medical attention


            Headache that will not go away

            Difficulty walking up, no energy

            Nausea or vomiting

            Trouble going to the bathroom


            Bleeding from ear or nose

            Difficulty walking straight

            Trouble seeing/blurred vision

            Weakness or tingling in arms or legs

            Vomiting blood or black syrup-like material

            Red or black bowel movements

            Change in behavior/irritability